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12V 7Ah Battery for Rastar LaFerrari Ride On Car

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SKU: btd-8270012v7ahbatt
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12V 7Ah Battery for Rastar LaFerrari Ride On Car

Note that this 12V 7Ah battery comes with wires soldered to battery and large style connector and fuse together on harness. It is same version originally shipped with Big Toys Direct LaFerrari and may or may not be compatible with others. Some battery versions from other suppliers may have shipped with small connector so you would need to verify this before purchasing as parts cannot be returned. Do not buy batteries for "future use" since they lose charging capacity sitting on shelf for 1-2 years.


  • 12V 7Ah LONGWAY Sealed Lead Acid Battery
  • OEM product made for Big Toys Direct
  • Fuse and wire harness soldered to terminals
  • Part No: BTD-8270012V7AhBatt

Please note that all parts sales are final and no returns are allowed.